Professional Structrual Services

Support & Repairs

Are there suspicious cracks in your walls? Is your floor uneven? Foundation leaking or cracked? There may be a more serious issue causing these problems. Grayling Construction provides exceptional structural repairs and support solutions for Anchorage homes. Alaskan soils can be ever-changing even long after your home is built which can cause structural damage. Whatever your structural issue may be, we enjoy problem solving to figure out and implement the best solution for you based on your needs.

Excavation & Pile Driving

 Whether we are repairing foundation work, moving ground for a landscape project, or building a dock-- the use of our excavating and pile driving services is a beneficial feature we offer to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
Many of our structural projects require the use of our pile drivers to power down steel pilings into the ground for structural support. This can be especially useful during the winter months when a dock is desired over a lake. Our machines can drive onto the lake and straight into the ice without disruptions and constraints.