What makes you so special?

We are a company that really cares about our client. With a design/build firm you get it all under one roof, we make the entire process seamless for you. So you get the quality and experience to handle your remodel from start to finish.

Do you have references?

We will provide references upon request. We have many happy clients who would love to share their remodel experience with you.


How long have you been in business?

Grayling Construction was established in 1997 and for nearly 17 years we have been delivering excellence as a general contractor in the design/build field.

Can you meet with me about my project in the evening or on the weekend?

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Can you give me a free estimate?

Our initial consultation meeting and walkthrough at your home with you is free.

What should I have with me when I meet with you?

A list of your priority want items and your secondary list of items you’d like to accomplish with your project. At this initial consultation we’d also like to discuss your budget. If you could also have photos of projects you have seen in magazines or online. Houzz is also a great resource for ideas. The more information you have about what you like, really helps understand. Also have photos of projects you don't like. It's nice to know what doesn't appeal.

How do I develop a budget for my project?

Get an idea of what you’d like to spend, and what you would be comfortable to spend.  Determine how you wish to finance the project, using a home equity loan, mortgage/remodel package, or possibly your investment account. Let us know what you are comfortable with spending. We don't want to design a project that is beyond your budget comfort level.

I’m looking for the cheapest general contractor I can find. Is that you?

Simply put, no. There is a quality that comes when you hire us as opposed to the “cheaper” guys.  We are licensed, bonded and insured and we carry workers compensation insurance, commercial general liability insurance, and company vehicle insurance. We care about running a legitimate business that provides a security to our clients.

Do you bid for your projects?

We do not bid for our projects. Instead of using a bid process we work with our clients in order to get the most accurate quote possible. So you know you won’t be getting hit with change orders. We want to make sure everything is taken care of planning wise before the project construction actually begins. We find that with bidding change orders are more frequent because certain parts of you project may have been overlooked, or the bid was simply unrealistic.

Why should I work with a professional interior designer?

With our interior design staff you know you are getting an educated and qualified professional. Stacey Dean is an NCIDQ certificate holder and professional ASID member. Justin Anders is a 2005 graduate from University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor of Interior Design working towards his NCIDQ certificate and is also an Allied ASID member. With us you know you are in great hands.

How do I pay for your services?

The payment schedule on a contract generally starts with a deposit with milestone payments at various points of completion.  For example, we would have a milestone payment due at completion of the framing of the project or at completion of the drywall finish. Final payment is due after everything is complete.

Can I continue to live in my house while you work?

We try to make you as comfortable as possible during the remodel process. However, you may decide you would be happier to take a vacation at this time. For our construction area we will occupy the room we are remodeling (kitchen, bath, etc.) and an additional space for staging and cutting materials, usually a garage or adjoining room.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes. We provide a two year warranty on materials and labor. However, this applies only to materials supplied by the contractor or their sub-contractor. Any homeowner supplied items will carry no warranty. Manufacturer’s warranties will also apply to materials (such as appliances which have a different warranty unto itself).

Normally, we don’t see any issues during the warranty period. We usually invite the client to call us a year after the project completion to make any small adjustments if needed to caulk or door hinges, etc.

OK, how can I be your best customer ever?

  1. Be happy about paying for the design process. This is the planning phase of your project where all the details are worked out completely. Without this phase, there really wouldn’t be a project.
  2. Make sure to share your budget goals along with your wish list, must have list, and would like to have list with us. Our end goal is to make you completely happy with all your choices.
  3. Do your research and be sure you and your partner are ready to make decisions. We will aid you in making selections for your project but you will need to make final decisions.
  4. Come to the design meetings ready to listen and communicate. These meetings are how we create your dream project.
  5. Be decisive. We need you to make decisions so your project can move along quickly and easily.
  6. Be open and enjoy the design process. You would be surprised at the things you like when you try them! The design phase is supposed to be fun!
  7. Once the design is complete, sign the construction contract to finalize your project. We will then set a date for construction
  8. Once the construction contract is signed, relax. Your project is ready for construction and for the most part your portion is complete! If we need to we will ask question, but most questions have been answered by the design process. Relax; let us take it from here.
  9. When your project’s construction begins we will keep going until it’s finished. We make a living on taking a project from design all way through the construction to completion. Our process makes it easy for you in the construction phase, so let our design/build team take care of you.
  10. Be sure to pay according to the payment schedule. This is how we make a living and a profit for our company; it also means providing warranty coverage for you. Stick to the payment schedule and everything will run smoothly.
  11. Sit back, relax and enjoy the finished product. If any problems come up, please feel free to call us. We warranty our work for 2 years on materials and labor, so don’t worry! Just give us a call and we will take care of it.
  12. Please tell everyone how much you loved working with us! And call us again the next time you are thinking about a home remodeling project! We love working with new and repeat clients!